Donate and Help
The Heart to Heart program is dependent on an annual grant from VIHA.  We could do more with more resources.  We would offer more programs, create better lines of communication, develop quality learning materials and maintain better contact with our graduates.  We would welcome your assistance as we try to meet the needs of increased numbers of people with heart disease.  We want to help keep people healthy, productive and happy.

We are also pleased to accept donations on behalf of friends and relatives in lieu of flowers or other tributes.  We can arrange for bequests that would help us build a Foundation that would offer on-going support through interest on capital. 

We have become a tax-exempt charity.  Do contact our Treasurer, Lynn Rai for more information.

This agency facilitates the donation approach: Contact:  Canada Helps

If you wish to send a donation to us, please include this form so that we can acknowledge your gift.
We also welcome volunteers to assist us with hospital visiting and program delivery.  Contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

To:  Island Heart to Heart, c/o Lynn Rai, Treasurer, Victoria Cardiac Rehabilitation Society, 
2004 Runnymede Ave, Victoria B.C.
V4S 2V6

I would like to make this donation to Island Heart to Heart $           .00  (I have attached a cheque payable to VCRS)

Please forward a receipt to me suitable for tax purposes:

Postal Code:

If you wish to consider regular contributions, or explore other options for donating to Island Heart to Heart, please advise and we will contact you. 



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